MyKohlsCharge FAQ

 Frequently Asked Questions 

The Kohl’s Card can be utilized to make buys on the web or in stores at Kohl’s areas.  Kohl’s Card individuals can procure awards on buys through the Kohl’s Money program.  New cardmembers can exploit a rebate on their first buy.  

The Kohl’s Card, just as other retail location cards, can charge a higher APR contrasted with  customary prizes cards. 

Kohl’s cardholders take part in these limits and rewards programs same as everything  customers can. Notwithstanding, cardholders get extra proposals for store limits of 10% to 30%  every year. Furthermore, Kohl’s gives new cardholders 35% off their first buy, which can be  joined with some other store limits. In the event that you become a Most Esteemed Client by  spending more than $600 during the year, you get six extra rebate offers, including a yearly  birthday present and free delivery advancements. 

Question Answer:- 

  1. Having issues in increasing the limit of credit card? 

Solution- If you are logged in your account then go to account summary or at first you must login  then proceed further. After that tap “Request Credit Line Increase” from account summary. Then  you will be asked to enter the details about your annual income and based on that your credit  limit will be approved for increase. And if all the details are correct then your request will be  approved. 

  1. Unable to get the OTP ? 

Solution- In case if you are having issues in getting the OTP while logging in or in payment  matter you can contact the helpline number given below. 

  1. Delivery of your credit card in your home? 

Solution- After your online procedure of approval for the credit card is done completely with all  sorts of documentations and then if you want a physical copy of the credit card, you can apply  for a request of having one. Your request will be approved within 7 days. And after that you will  

be asked for providing the address where you want your card to be delivered. After providing  the address you will get an estimated date of your delivery and within that your card will be  delivered on the address that you have provided. 

  1. Having issues while doing payment? 

Solution- At first you have to check your network connection. There are several times when due  to poor network connection the payment procedure faces severe issues while proceeding  further. And if your network is stable and then also you are facing issues while paying then you  can get the help from the customer service by contacting them with the help of the helpline  number mentioned below.

  1. Credit card approval issue?

Solution- Despite the fact that this may appear to be a minor issue, committing errors on the  application structure can wind up in a credit card application getting dismissed. Numerous  candidates make this mistake while filling the application structure, for example, – missing  critical data, entering incorrectly subtleties, and so on. So you have to be very careful while  putting your details. And if every details that you have provided are fine and genuine then your  card will be approved easily. 

  1. Loading problem of pages?

Solution- This sort of problem usually happens due to unstable or poor network connections and  this will also lead you to face difficulties while paying. So for not having this sort of problems  you have to find a strong and stable network and can enjoy smooth surfing. 

  1. Thinking of a guarantor? 

Solution- You don’t have to keep any guarantor here as Kohl’s credit card allows you to get a  good amount of loan with lowest amount of interest and that too without having any guarantor.  So you don’t have to worry about for keeping any guarantor. 

  1. If your card is lost or stolen?

Solution- If the card you are using is lost or stolen you can have a replacement card and also  you can report about the card that you have lost or stolen. So for replacement you have to go to  the login page and after logging in you have to click on the account maintenance on the too of  the navigation bar. After that you have to click on “Request Replacement Card”. Then you have  select the card holder who needs the replacement card. 

And after that click on submit. Your request will be processed and will get a response within one  week of time interval or it might take some more time. 

And for reporting you have to contact the Kohl’s customer service centre at (855)564-5748. 

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