Kohl’s Card Paperless Overview

Vision for Kohl’s Card Paperless

Have you ever taken a glimpse of nature? What do you understand? It has changed a lot. Isn’t it? Several years before, our nature used to have greenery, but not anymore. We can only see trash around. Taking these into consideration, Kohls took an active step for the benefit of nature. These steps are simple but they deserve great applause for the initiative.  

Kohls made a strategy to reach out to the maximum number of people who are interested in this mission, effortlessly.  That’s the reason why they emailed all registered accounts reminding them about the great aspects of paperless statements. Someone truly said that ” I can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone”. So true! Let us make a little contribution to our nature by joining this program. How to join? Very easy! Take access to My Kohl’s Card to revise your preferences. And that’s it, enjoy paperless benefits immediately from the company.

Do you know how it may make a difference? You will receive emails that will be saved and be accessible until you delete them. If there is any requirement for hard copy, simply download and get a print easily. You will receive an email notification when a fresh statement is usable. Hence, switching from paperless to paper is easy.

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There are a few easy steps to Sign Up for Paperless Statements. It is important to mention that once you opt for a paperless program, you won’t receive any letter posts from the company every month. The mail you will receive is similar to that of the posts you used to get by post every month. It includes instructions regarding access to your full statement details on My Kohl’s Card. It also includes instructions regarding how to print your notification.

However, for any particular reason if you desire to have a monthly sheet statement sent to your physical mailing address monthly carefully choose “Paper only” before submitting your request from the official site. That’s also an easy way to choose your preferences.


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