MyKohlsCharge is Kohls’s customer credit card management service. Through this website, you can pay for your Kohl’s Credit Card, pay online. You can also manage transactions online from your mobile phone or home computer. There is also a separate portal in the MyKohlsCharge portal through which employees can receive their salaries and apply for leaves.

Details of every employee are also recorded in the portal. The best thing about this store is that it gives free shipping to its customers via some coupons.

MyKohlsCharge Regsitration

Thinking of creating a Mykohlscharge account? You are at the right place. Becoming a new user is very easy with the steps discussed in detail below.

  1. Firstly you need to have a 12-digit credit card number. ( Once you are eligible for using a credit card you will be provided with the card where you will find this 12 digit number).
  2. Now from your default browser go to the login and enter the 12-digit card number accurately in the MyKohlsCharge login space.
  3. Once you enter a correct and valid credit card number, tap “submit” to continue the process.
  4. With a good internet connection, you will reach the next page immediately, fill in the necessary information required and verify your phone number via a one-time password. MyKohlsCharge login to manage Kohls Credit Card.
  5. Provide a unique username that will be required during the time of login.
  6. Now you also need to create a password to make sure it’s strong enough. (Remember it’s case sensitive).
  7. Provide the given CAPTCHA correctly to end the process and accept the terms and conditions. If you don’t accept the policies you will not be allowed to create an account.

Now your account is ready. You can log in anytime with the username and password you have created. 




MyKohlsCharge Login Process

  1. Open the default browser from your mobile phone or pc.
  2. Then Open MyKohlsCharge Sign Up page.
  3. If you find a problem in loading the page do refresh the page once or twice. Your poor internet connection can also be the reason for this problem. So please check accordingly.
  4. Once you enter the page you will be asked to provide the login details.
  5. Enter your respective username. 
  6. Provide the password.
  7. If you have provided the correct login details you will be logged in and you can enjoy your services then.

MyKohlsCharge Username Reset Process

In case you have forgotten your username follow the given steps.

  • Contact the helpline and provide them with the mail id which is linked with your account.
  • Once your email is verified via a one-time password. You will be provided with your username soon. Then you can easily go for your login.

MyKohlsCharge Password Reset Process

Now, what if you forget your password? Go through the given steps:

  1. From the login page tap “forgot password”.
  2. Choose either your email or mobile number which were provided during the time of registration. You will be sent a one-time password for verification in your mail inbox or message box based on your choice.
  3. Enter the six-digit code you received.
  4. As soon as your code is verified you will be allowed to enter a new password. Repeat it again to verify. (Make sure the password contains both upper and lower case letters and characters).
  5. Your password strength is shown at the side of the screen where you are creating your password. If you find it to be weak do change it to improve your security.
  6. Once your new password is ready you can go back to the main login page and enter your credentials in the correct format to log in.

Note: Sometimes you may face some issues in getting the OTP. In that case, you can contact the helpline number given below.

An easy solution!

  • In case you forget your password every time it’s too time-consuming to reset it again and again. Therefore you can tap “save password” while login in to save your password in the default browser of your device. 

How to Apply for MyKohlsCharge Card?

  1. Open your browser with a stable connection.
  2. Now type and press enter.
  3. Enter all your personal information that is asked.
  4. If you are eligible your card will be granted and delivered to the permanent address you have provided.

You will definitely feel happy to know that there are some amazing offers with the new Mykohlscharge cards. For example, there is a flat 20% discount on the first purchase, etc.

Note: We all know that a coin has two sides. It’s also applicable here. It charges a high rate of interest from its users but it gives the best facilities and interfaces to its customers.

Kohl’s does charge you against your card. This charge can’t be paid using a separate card. You can call @ 1-855-564-5748 and then make a payment. This is a 24×7 hours service. Payments after 7 pm will be credited the next day.

There is also another method for payment. You can directly go to the store and pay your charge through your debit card, cash, cheque. It takes a few hours to get updated, therefore you don’t get the update at Mykohlscharge immediately after paying offline at the store. Sometimes your payment is also limited to $3000 per day. Remember this is only for offline not for online processes.

Credit Limit Increase Process

After logging in to your account from your Account Summary tap “Request Credit Line Increase”. You will be asked to enter your Gross Annual Income based on which your Credit limit will be approved for increase. Depending on your eligibility your application can also be sometimes rejected in that you need to apply next time.